Welcome to Appleton International's Portfolio. Below is a list of vessels we have had the privilege of working on with a short description of the work done on each yacht. Enjoy! 


Anodyne -Currently be built in Fort lauderdale

Appleton International is currently contracted to work on this new build known as Anodyne for all thermal, fire, and sound insulation. As well as fabricating all engine room walls and ceiling panels.


Azteca - 240ft Crn

  • Chiller Room/Engine Room/AC Insulation
  • Deckplate Hatch
  • Stainless Steel Cable Trays
  • Custom Stainless Steel Bracket
  • Aluminium Dampened Ceiling Panels
  • Custom Teak Bonsai Dolly
  • Custom Stainless Steel Camera Mount
  • Stainless Steel Anchor Points
  • Aluminium Water Softner Bracket

rh3 - 131ft Rmk Marine

  • Engine Room Aluminium Dampened Walls and Ceilings
  • Lazarette Walls and Ceilings
  • Pipe Insulation
  • Engine Room Deckplates
  • Lazarette Fireproofing
  • Interior Ceiling Panels
  • Interior Flooring
  • Deckplates
  • Sound Insulation

Mysorah - 160ft Feadship

  • Fireproofing
  • Soundproofing
  • Engine Room Walls and Ceiling Panels
  • Lazarette Walls and Ceiling Panels
  • Custom Fabrications

Highlander - 162ft feadship

  • Fire Insulation
  • Thermal Pipe Insulation
  • Engine Room Walls and Ceilings
  • Generator Soundproofing
  • Custom Fabrications
  • Sound Insulation From Bow to Stern

abula (formaly turmoil) - 209ft royal denship

  • Re-insulated Main Chiller Lines Running Through the Engine Room

Sweet escape - 130ft Christensen

  • Refit
  • Thermal Insulation Throughout
  • Insulating Chiller Unit
  • Insulating Chiller Lines
  • Sound Dampening Insulation Throughout
  • Perforated Engine Room Ceiling Panels
  • Fireproofing

Mia eslise ii - 164ft trinity

  • Insulated Four New Compressor Units In Engine Room

carson - 149ft newcastle

  • New Build
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Deckplates
  • Engine Room Walls and Ceilings

Lady Kathryn v - 200ft Lurssen

  • Insulated Three Compressors And Chilled Water Lines
  • Insulated Chilled Water Tanks 

starfire - 177ft benetti

  • Insulated All A/C Units Within
  • Insulated Main Chiller Lines In Engine Room
  • Insulated Make-up Air Units

Broadwater - 164.96ft FEadship

  • Lazarette Ceiling Panels With A High Gloss Finish 

Amarula Sun - 164ft Trinity

  • Insulated Main Chiller Lines

lazy z - 168ft oceanco

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Custom Fabrication

Andiamo - 120ft benetti

  • A/C Pipe Insulation Throughout Vessel
  • Soundproofing Generator Panels

namoh - 125ft cheoy lee

  • Insulating A/C and Chilled Water Lines Throughout Vessel

Audacia - 159ft feadship

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Blankets

attitude - 150ft trinity

  • Engine Room Walls and Ceiling Panels
  • Thermal Pipe Insulation in Engine Room

Dragon - 134ft palmer johnson

  • Soundproofing Insulation

pipe dreams - 150ft trinity

  • Walls Panels and Repair

cakewalk - 180ft benetti

  • Custom Cap Rail Brackets

far from it - 144ft richmond

  • Soundproofing 
  • Vibration Dampening

kai - 119ft benetti

  • Engine Room and Control Room Ceiling Panels
  • Deckplate Repairs and Replacement
  • Generator Panel Soundproofing

blue moon - 198ft feadship

  • Thermal Pipe Insulation

777 (triple 7) - 223ft nobiskrug

  • Thermal Insulation

praxis - 141ft feadship

  • Thermal Wrapping of Compresspr Tank
  • Thermal Pipe Insulation

She's a 10 - 164ft oceanfast

  • Custom Fabrications
  • Thermal Insulation 

Polly - 135ft alloy yachts

  • Fireproofing In The Main Saloon

montrevel - 121ft Ateliers et Forges

  • Fireproofing Of Bosan Locker And Skylounge