Sound/Vibration Damping


Sound/Vibration damping plays a vital role within a superyachts infrastructure. Without the appropriate material the yacht would simply become a noisy, vibrating chunk of metal. We provide and install all materials to quiet down your vessel from generators, engines, stabilizer, kitchens, etc. 


Sound Proofing

Soundproofing is placed inside generator panels to quiet down noisy generators. Our soundproofing can also be used in cabins or room to deaden any sound traveling through bulkheads, floors, or anywhere else airborne sound is present. 


Vibration Damping

Noisy Stabilizer room or kitchen? Well offer many different options to block the vibration or "thud" of a kitchen. 


Engine room ceiling damping

Engine rooms are typically the noisiest place on a boat. But we offer ceiling/wall panels with a sound damping center to reduce the roar of the engines.